Green city

Clean Energy for Communities Development

SiliconGREEN renewable energy development division is based in Guyana, wholly owned by its directors and staff.  Our company provides a comprehensive service of community and utility scale renewable energy applications.

SiliconGREEN development approach emphasis community involvement and public renewable energy priorities.  We integrate community, environmental and public interests into a collective renewable energy development process.

Our combine management team has developed and consulted over 225MW of renewable energy projects over the last ten years.  SiliconGREEN’s success lies in our collaborative process of linking environment, community, government and investors together.  SiliconGREEN is also a certified heavy civil construction company with a focus on structural steel fabrication and erection.

SiliconGREEN is a strong advocate and partner in the development of new distributed generation projects that provide the capacity to build economic growth and support sustainable energy policy in Guyana.

Business Relationships

We work in strategic relationships with select clients sharing an interest in the creation of realistic energy strategies, project development and implementation. Our partners and clients include energy companies, venture investors, development companies, real estate developers, law firms, utilities, Indigenous community councils, governmental agencies and other stakeholders across Guyana